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Estradot vs Evorel – key facts revealed for YOU

In a nutshell, Estradot and Evorel are brands of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patches. With recent shortages of HRT medicines, both brands of patches followed the pattern of being out of stock. The availability of Evorel patches has improved, recently, however, both patches have intermediate supply problems. Estradot vs Evorel highlights similarities and differences between both patches.

What to do when HRT patches are out of stock?

Women who need HRT patches urgently should call a few pharmacies around to see if some patches are in stock. Trying pharmacies other than Boots or Lloyds may be of some success. Estradot and Evorel patches are mainly supplied by Alliance Healthcare (wholesaler), which is owned by the same company as Boots. However, having an additional stock may be due to better management of drug inventory in the pharmacy, which may be better in independent pharmacies.

Some pharmacies may check which patches are in stock, but almost always none of the pharmacies will advise on the availability date. Since the availability of drugs, including HRT patches changes daily it would be reasonable to ask about current availability. Pharmacies tend to be busy and understaffed, therefore not all may be helpful by using, for example, live trackers (wholesaler’s websites) to check for availability and may simply say ‘it is out of stock’.

Can you transfer a prescription from one to another pharmacy?

Patients who already have a prescription sent to a specific pharmacy electronically, can ‘transfer’ the prescription by asking the pharmacy to return it to the spine. Once this is done any pharmacy can find it once personal details are provided.  

Important: partially dispensed prescription by one pharmacy cannot be returned to the spine. In this case, patients would need to speak to GP surgery and ask to issue another prescription.

If both, Estadot and Evorel patches are out of stock, patients need to contact their GP to prescribe an alternative HRT. 

Pharmacists (pharmacies) cannot dispense Estradot patches on prescriptions issued for Evorel patches and vice versa unless a serious shortage protocol is issued by the Government.

Estradiol can be prescribed in different forms including tablets, and gels (for example Oestrogel and its alternatives). Vaginal tablets (pessaries), for example, Vagifem, which contain estradiol are used in the treatment of vaginal atrophy only. 

What Estradot and Evorel patches are used for?

Estradot and Evorel patches are licensed as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for oestrogen deficiency symptoms in postmenopausal women.

Additionally, both patches can also be used in the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, who cannot use other drugs licensed for the treatment of osteoporosis.

Estradot vs Evorel: the main active ingredient

Estradot and Evorel patches contain the female hormone oestrogen (estradiol). A small difference in the composition of e active ingredient is noticed, Estradot contains estradiol as hemihydrate whereas Evorel patches contain estradiol.

In simple terms estradiol, which has attached a water molecule making it hemihydrate, is converted into estradiol in the body.

For example, for Estradot 25, each patch contains 0.39mg of estradiol which is equivalent to 25mcg (dose released in 24 hours).

Leading from the above, Estradot 25 patches is equivalent to Evorel 25 mcg patches. The same ‘rule’ applies to all other Estradot and Evorel patches.

Estradot vs Evorel: availability of different patches

Estradot and Evorel patches come in different strengths, as shown in the table below. The actual size of the patch is different between the equivalent doses of Estradot and Evorel patches.



Strength Size in cm2 Strength

Size in cm2

Estradot 25 mcg / 24 hrs


Evorel 25 mcg / 24 hrs


Estradot 37.5 mcg / 24 hrs


Estradot 50 mcg / 24 hrs


Evorel 50 mcg / 24 hrs


Estradot 75 mcg / 24 hrs


Evorel 75 mcg / 24 hrs


Estradot 100 mcg / 24 hrs


Evorel 100 mcg / 24 hrs


Estradot vs Evorel: range of patches, their strength and size

Evorel patches range 25, 50, 75 and 100mcg

Estradot HRT patches range



Estradot has an additional strength of 37.5 mcg patches which is not available in the Evorel range. Estradot patches are smaller in size compared to Evorel patches.

Are Estradot and Evorel patches used in the same way?

Both patches are applied with the same frequency. Evorel and Estradot patches are applied twice a week. When changed, both patches require rotation of the application site.

What is the difference between Estradot and Evorel patches?

To sum up, Estradot and Evorel patches have the same licensed use. Both patches contain the same active ingredient. Except for the size, Evorel and Estradot patches deliver an equivalent amount of estradiol.

Estradot and Evorel alternatives

Estradiol is available in different forms. The licensed medicines containing estradiol include:

  • Estraderm MX patches (25, 50, 75 and 100)
  • Progynova TS patches (50 and 100 mcg)
  • Elleste Solo 1 mg and 2 mg tablets
  • FemSeven patches (50, 75 and 100)
  • Lenzetto transdermal spray
  • Oestrogel Pump-Pack 750 micrograms/actuation Gel
  • Sandrena gel (0.5mg and 1mg sachets)

What is the difference between Estradot and estradiol?

Estradot is a brand name of HRT patch, which delivers an activie ingredient called estradiol to the body.

What is an alternative to Estradot?

Estradot patches contain estradiol. An alternatives to Estrado include Evorel patches, Progynova patches, Estraderm MS patches and FemSeven patches. Estradiol is also availale in form of tablets, gels and as a spray formulation.

Is Estradot a combined HRT?

Estradot is not a combined patch. Estradot contain estradiol only as an active ingredient.

Is estradiol the same as Evorel?

Evoral patch is a brand name of HRT patch which delivers estradiol to the body.


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